Do goldfish get lonely?

Do goldfish get lonely?Q. Do goldfish get lonely?
A. No, goldfish probably don’t get lonely.

It’s normal to wonder whether your goldfish will get lonely if kept in a tank on his or her own. You see them swimming around the same tank, all day every day, by themselves; looking at the same plants, sticking their noses into the same bits of gravel, swimming under the same ornamental bridge…

You leave for school or work for hours on end, so there’s nothing going on outside the tank for them to look at, they’re not being fed regularly throughout the day, and you just found out that the “three second memory” is a myth. Surely they’ll get bored unless you get another fish for them to play with?

Well, no actually. There’s no definite answer to the question “do goldfish get lonely?”. However, we can say that it is unlikely that goldfish get lonely. Many of the longest living goldfish have been kept in an aquarium by themselves (and some goldfish live a very long time!).

So, should you keep more fish to avoid your goldfish getting lonely? As there’s no definite way to confirm whether goldfish do get lonely, this is entirely up to you. However, if you do decide to keep more than one fish, you must ensure that your tank is big enough and that the fish are suitable tank mates.

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