What is Infusoria?: Our Guide

Cloudy fish tank with a couple of fish surrounded by rocks and plants

Infusoria is a large, loose basket term that describes all the aquatic micro life that can be found within any body of water.  It includes things like tiny worms, crustaceans, algaes and plankton that are all living within an aquatic ecosystem. Some of these tiny animals and plants can end up in your home aquarium … Read more

Seasonal Pond Care

Cartoon goldfish lay on sun lounger reading magazine

Once you have an established fish pond, you may be wondering how you care for it throughout the different seasons, weathers and temperatures. Our guide will run through how you can care for your fish and fish pond in key seasons: winter and summer. Pond care in Summer With summer comes high temperatures, more sun … Read more

How to Add Goldfish to a Pond

Fish knocking on door with briefcase in hand

When you have finally reached the stage where you are ready to add goldfish to your pond, it can be very tempting to rush out and buy a large selection of fish immediately! However, it’s important to handle the introduction of your goldfish slowly to avoid placing too much of a strain on the natural … Read more

Decorating a Goldfish Pond

Two cartoon goldfish carrying a plant

Once your pond is built and watertight, you can start adding the goldfish pond equipment, fixtures and eventually, live plants! It may prove helpful to only half-fill your pond with water until after you have situated your decorations and fittings, in order to provide easier access to the bottom of the pond and allow you … Read more

How to Build a Goldfish Pond

Cartoon goldfish reading a ponds for dummies for ponds manual

Exactly how you go about setting up and building your goldfish pond will depend upon what type of pond you have chosen to construct; however, the order in which you go about things will be roughly the same regardless. Once you have decided upon your pond’s location, size and type, follow our step-by-step guide to … Read more

What equipment do you need for a goldfish pond?

Cartoon goldfish putting equipment up on a high shelf

Running a pond can vary in levels of maintenance, depending on the type of pond and its inhabitants. However, any successful pond requires key pieces of equipment.  There is much more to keeping the occupants of a goldfish pond happy, healthy and thriving than just adding water, plants and food! Vital equipment such as filters … Read more