First Goldfish Tank Guide

Cartoon of a goldfish in a tank during a water change

Goldfish can make excellent pets!  But, if your new fishy friends are going to thrive, you’ll need to know a few basic things about how to set up your goldfish tank properly. Read this guide to find out everything you need to know about setting up a new goldfish tank. What Size Goldfish Tank Should … Read more

Goldfish Tank Size Guide

A cartoon goldfish in a fish tank

Choosing the right goldfish tank size is absolutely critical if your pets are to thrive, grow properly and live a long, healthy life. Read this guide to learn why goldfish tank size is so important and how to work out what size goldfish tank you need. Is goldfish tank size important? Yes! Goldfish tank size … Read more

Our Guide to Goldfish Tanks

Goldfish are pretty much the most popular pet fish on the planet, especially with kids.  Traditionally, goldfish were kept in round bowls, often without filtration.  But is it cruel to keep a goldfish in a bowl? What kind of fish tank should a goldfish be kept in? And how many goldfish can you keep in … Read more