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The Goldfish Tank is one of the world’s leading goldfish care websites. 

Our experts have helped over 5 million people care for their goldfish and our advice has been featured everywhere from BuzzFeed to Smithsonian MagazineWikipedia to academic articles.

Below, you can find out more about the people who research and write the articles you’ll find on The Goldfish Tank.

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Our Goldfish Writers

Photo of Lewis German

Lewis German – Writer for The Goldfish Tank

Lewis has been interested in animals all his life. At the age of 11, he had already kept and bred many insects and invertebrates, such as the privet hawk moth, helix snails and stick insects (which not many people had bred back then), various tropical and coldwater fish and countless other creatures.

His interest continued on all throughout his childhood and from this, he went on to study Level 3 Animal Care for two years. During this time, he gained lots of hands-on experience with a range of species, from capybara, to emus and monitor lizards.

He then went on to achieve a Higher National Certificate in Animal Science – during this study, he did a unit on aquatics and his love for fish and aquatic animals saw a massive resurgence. 

Lewis went on to keep planted aquariums and breed all different tropical fish, shrimps, frogs and snails, build ponds and worked at multiple aquatics stores. In these stores, he gained even more experience with even more exotic species and became a specialist in fish, amphibians and invertebrates.

Lewis also has a side career in digital artwork, drawing animals, caricatures and cartoons.

He now writes for The Goldfish Tank website in hopes to part with some of his knowledge and help others to understand what goes into caring for some of the world’s most fascinating creatures.

Photo of Alison Page

Alison Page – Experienced Aquarist

Alison is an aquarist with over 35 years in the hobby. Alison began her fishkeeping odyssey as a child, starting with a basic 10-gallon tank that housed two cheap “feeder” goldfish. As the fish grew, the tank was upsized, and more goldfish of different varieties were added. Today, Alison has a tropical freshwater tank that houses a happy community of barbs, corydoras, and gouramis. She also has a large setup that’s home to two huge fancy goldfish. When Alison isn’t busy checking the water parameters, trimming plants, cleaning filters, or talking to her fish (yes, she absolutely does!), you’ll find her researching the latest fish husbandry techniques, judging dressage, and writing teen pony novels.

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Sara Jane Hales – Veterinary Technician

Hey there, my name is Sara Jane Hales. I’m a Veterinary Technician who works at The University of Utah. I’ve been a Veterinary Technician since 2013 and I love this line of work. I’ve gained a ton of knowledge of various species and am also a registered Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician. I have lots of pets and am a mom of two wonderful children. I have a wonderful boyfriend who helps keep me grounded through all of the crazy times. In my spare time I adore reading, hiking, lounging on the couch watching some TV, and playing with my kids/animals.

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Our Website

The Goldfish Tank is created by a group of enthusiastic goldfish-keepers who, between us, have decades of experience in caring for goldfish. 

Our website has been online since early 2013 and, in that time, has been visited by well over 5 million goldfish-keepers around the world.

Our expert advice has been featured everywhere from BuzzFeed to Smithsonian Magazine to Wikipedia to academic articles and we love nothing more than helping readers take great care of their pet fish.

Since publishing our very first article, about whether goldfish sleep, the aim of The Goldfish Tank has been to help you take care of your goldfish and to increase your enjoyment of goldfish keeping.

We try to make learning about goldfish fun, with informative articles, interesting facts and a unique range of goldfish cartoons.

Of course, one of the most rewarding parts of running this website is hearing stories of how we have helped you care for your fish.

Please note that the images on our site are taken from various sources, including Deposit Photos.

Expert advice you can rely on

At The Goldfish Tank, we recognise the importance of providing only the most accurate expert advice.

The advice you read on these pages could seriously affect the health of your goldfish, other fish in your aquarium, your aquatic plants, and the general health and well-being of your pets.

That’s why we always:

  • Consult experts. This includes the team at The Goldfish Tank – such as our editor SaraJane, who is a qualified Veterinary Technician – but also vets and others in the wider goldfish-keeping community. Our contacts include knowledgeable individuals from The Goldfish Society of Great Britain and The Goldfish Society of America.
  • Conduct frequent content reviews. This ensures our advice is always up-to-date with the latest thinking in the community and veterinary profession.
  • Listen to your feedback. You can contact us via emailTwitter or Facebook and feedback on the accuracy quality of our advice is always welcome.

We also link to other reliable sources of goldfish information and encourage all of our readers to conduct thorough and careful research.

Contact us

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Have fun and thanks for visiting!

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7 thoughts on “About The Goldfish Tank”

  1. Is there such a thing as to having the wrong filter? I have a 10 gallon with one little goldfish . I am having issues with ammonia levels , nitrates and clouding.

    • Hi Joe,
      Yes, there is such thing as too little filtration, often times tanks have less filtration than they need, so we always say to get a filter which does more litres than your tank actually is, to compromise for the waste produced by the fish.

      I would suggest upgrading to a bigger filter if possible, or simply feeding less than you currently do.

      Although the fish may be small, the reason we suggest large tanks for goldfish is because they defecate a lot more than most other fish, and so produce high ammonia levels.

  2. I just got 6 goldfish (29 gal. tank) at the pet store and noone can tell me how old they are or how much to feed them. Since they are small, 1.5″, I assume they are very young, 6 months maybe?, and be fed more often to develop deep bodies, but the information is all so confusing. I currently feed repashe, peas, freeze dried blood worms, and tetra min flake. I try not to feed too much, but one Oranda is a pig, and the fantail is shy, so I end up feeding the Orandas too much to make sure the other gets some. The Ryukin died in 9 days, so now there are 5. 2 5gal. water changes per week. I’d like to keep them alive. Any help?

  3. I’ve recently gotten a rather large 55 gallon tank with two independent light panels, one on each side of the tank. Until now I’ve had a smaller 20 gallon tank with only one light panel. I’ve noticed a very interesting thing aboout about my goldfish with the two light panels. If I only have one panel on they seem to really enjoy cavorting in a school back and forth between the lit side and the darker side. This is probably because the relatively shadowed and brighter sides of the tank more mimic the natural enviroment that fish have evolved from when in their natural state. I’ve gone a step further and brighten one side in the morning then switch it off and brighten the other side in the afternoon. Yeah, I know, perhaps a bit too much effort to promote happiness in my goldfish, but I do get a kick out of watching them cavort together in what I think they feel to be a more natural state.

    • Hi Sal, thank you for your interesting comment, you are definitely right! Keeping the fish as natural as possible is the best way to ensure success and promote good health!

  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone help me to help my Bubble-Buddy!?
    Medical history began late October 2022.
    Bubs is a 13ish yr old comet type in a 10gal tank.
    He looked different to me yesterday, like left side of his face appeared shinier and swollen maybe. As of a couple of hours ago, two scales are raised on that Left side under the eye that appears it may pop right off his cheek at any moment!!
    He is recently missing 6-10 scales off his body and has a red line of demarcation between his body’s end and where his tailfin begins(internal .. possible ammonia hemorrhage?)
    I am not aware of trauma, so I need ADVICE and thankfully I landed here at The Goldfish Tank. What a fabulous source of info and feedback, and I’ve been researching the internet thoroughly regarding best care for my baby since last year when I believe he contracted the Ick from 2 surprise tankmates, both of whom died in less than 36hrs)
    PLease, I beg y’all, Bubbie deserves so much more than THIS.


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