Hygger aquarium small internal filter review

Hygger Internal Filter Review

The Hygger internal filter is a great unit for filtering those smaller tanks, available in 2 sizes, this filter’s versatile and smart design is one that we really enjoy, and after testing it out on our tanks, we personally recommend it as a top quality air filter. Design of the filter The filter has a … Read more

Hygger 500W titanium heater review

hygger Aquarium Water Heater review FI 1

The Hygger titanium heater is a smart, easy to use, effective heater for those larger aquariums, one that we really like due to its clever design and superb safety features. It has some key characteristics about it that make this heater excellent to work with, and make it stand out as a great choice for … Read more

Fluval 06 Series Filters

A Fluval 06 Series filter on a white background

The Fluval 06 series of external filters sits outside of the tank, which means they don’t take up valuable water space.

They come in four sizes to suit different sized tanks:

The 106 model, for tanks of up to 25 gallons

The 207 model, for tanks of up to 45 gallons

The 306 model, for tanks of up to 70 gallons

The 407 model, for tanks of up to 100 gallons

The range of filters is more expensive than some other options. They’re also more expensive than Fluval’s internal filters. However, if you want to invest in good quality kit, the Fluval 06 series is highly recommended.

All of the products in the range come with a three year manufacturers guarantee.

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API Melafix antibacterial fish remedy

API Melafix

Goldfish illnesses, fungus, fin rot and damaged tissue are problems that most goldfish owners will end up facing at some point. And they are problems that can quickly cause significant harm to the health of your fish.

For this reason, it is important to keep a basic goldfish first aid kit of remedies that can help to address common problems. Keeping a supply of medications means that you can treat any illnesses quickly.

API has produced a product called Melafix, which is an antibacterial tank remedy to help treat a whole range of goldfish diseases. In this article, we take a look at API Melafix in detail.

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About Fluval U-Series Filters

A black Fluval U-Series filter on a white background

Fluval is one of the best-known names in the aquarium filtration business. They offer a range of filters, designed to fit a wide variety of goldfish tank sizes.

Fluval offer a series of filters called the U-Series. These underwater filters are some of the most popular filters on the market and are well known for being both effective and quiet.

Of course, every goldfish tank needs a filter, so if you don’t have one yet (or if you’re looking for an upgrade) then we definitely recommend reading on to find out more…

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About the API Freshwater Master Test Kit

API Master Test Kit

Keeping your tank water in good condition and removing harmful chemicals is vital to keeping your goldfish healthy and happy. In order to do this effectively, you need to buy a test kit and regularly check your water parameters.

In this article, we will look in more detail at their freshwater master test kit.

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