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Goldfish illnesses, fungus, fin rot and damaged tissue are problems that most goldfish owners will end up facing at some point. And they are problems that can quickly cause significant harm to the health of your fish.

For this reason, it is important to keep a basic goldfish first aid kit of remedies that can help to address common problems. Keeping a supply of medications means that you can treat any illnesses quickly.

API has produced a product called Melafix, which is an antibacterial tank remedy to help treat a whole range of goldfish diseases. In this article, we take a look at API Melafix in detail.

What is API Melafix?

API Melafix antibacterial fish remedy is a solution that you add directly to the tank water. It is designed to treat all manner of bacterial infections and problems that commonly affect goldfish and other freshwater fish, including damaged fins and tissue, fin and tail rot, eye fungus, and mouth fungus. It also helps to promote the growth of new, healthy skin tissue after recovery.

API Melafix is one of the more popular antibacterial tank treatment products on the market, as it will not affect the water’s pH or interfere with your tank’s biological filtration media. It is also designed not to discolor the water of the tank.

Is API Melafix effective?

Melafix is notable as being one of the fastest acting bacterial treatments for skin and scale problems in fish, often taking just a week to ten days to heal bacterial infections. Improvements can usually be seen within just a few days of beginning treatment.

It can also be added to a healthy tank when introducing new fish. This minimizes the chances of your new fish introducing diseases into your tank.

Melafix contains tea tree, to promote healing and shorten recovery times, and as a natural antibacterial agent, it is unlikely to have any adverse effects on your fish or plants.

Are there any downsides to using API Melafix?

The product does have a strong smell that some people may find unpleasant.

It is important to get the dosage just right for the volume of water in your tank in order for it to prove effective.

Repeated treatments may be needed in the case of stubborn bacterial infections.

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