Fluval 06 Series Filters

The Fluval 06 series of external filters sits outside of the tank, which means they don’t take up valuable water space.

They come in four sizes to suit different sized tanks:

The 106 model, for tanks of up to 25 gallons

The 207 model, for tanks of up to 45 gallons

The 306 model, for tanks of up to 70 gallons

The 407 model, for tanks of up to 100 gallons

The range of filters is more expensive than some other options. They’re also more expensive than Fluval’s internal filters. However, if you want to invest in good quality kit, the Fluval 06 series is highly recommended.

All of the products in the range come with a three year manufacturers guarantee.

How do Fluvial 06 Series filters work?

The Fluval 06 range of filters provide multi-stage water filtration within a sealed unit. The external filter draws water in before returning the filtered water back into the tank.

The impeller unit is protected by sound dampening, making it one of the quieter external filters available. It also has a clog-proof strainer and two layers of foam screening.

The 06 series filters benefit from an aqua-stop valve to prevent run-back and contain multiple levels of filtration baskets. These can all be easily accessed to clean and change the filter material.

Are they effective?

The mechanical, chemical and biological stages of filtration all run separately within the single unit. This optimizes the available space and provides highly effective filtration.

You can use the unit with the provided media or filter media of your own choosing if you prefer. Cleaning the unit is easy and not particularly messy.

The motor is powerful but quiet. Providing that you pick the right size filter and the right spot for the intake and output tubes in the tank.

It is also particularly easy to set up the filters in the 06 series, making them an excellent choice for beginners.

Are there any downsides to choosing a Fluvial 06 Series filter?

While the 06 range was at the top end of the market, it has now been superseded by Fluvial 07 series filters.

You should consider where the filter will be placed. Like all external filters, it sits outside the tank and doesn’t look particularly attractive! Of course, if you have an aquarium cabinet then you will be able to hide the filter unit out of the way.

The only other downside is a slight hum, which could be annoying depending on where your tank is located.

If you decide the Fluval 06 is not for you then alternatives include the Penn Plax Cascade and the EHEIM Classic. As well as the Fluvial 07 series already mentioned.

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