How do goldfish mate?

Goldfish chasing

One of the most exciting and rewarding parts of owning goldfish can be seeing them give birth to a new generation of baby goldfish.

Successfully breeding your goldfish shows you have taken good care of them.

And it gives you new baby fish to look after!

While it is possible for goldfish to reproduce in a tank, a lot of factors need to be right for this to happen.

It’s up to you to provide good goldfish care that will ensure your goldfish have the conditions they need to breed.

In this article, we look at how goldfish mate and the ideal conditions for mating.

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Goldfish breeding: How to breed goldfish

Do goldfish lay eggs?

Goldfish breeding is not an easy task. Unlike livebearers, such as guppies, goldfish can be relatively difficult to breed in captivity.

In order to breed successfully, goldfish need their usual quality care – including plenty of space, good nutrition and excellent water conditions – plus specific temperature changes to induce breeding.

Before commencing a goldfish breeding program, always think about the amount of tank or pond space available to you. Do you have room for new fry in addition to your existing fish? If not, don’t try to breed goldfish!

If you do have enough space then read on to find out how to breed goldfish properly…

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Do goldfish lay eggs?

Do goldfish lay eggs?

Do goldfish lay eggs? Yes, they do! And they don’t just lay one or two… they lay lots of them! It’s one of our favorite goldfish facts that a female goldfish can lay several thousand eggs in one spawning! Goldfish do not get pregnant. They will however look a bit like they’re pregnant. Their bellies … Read more