Do Pond Plants Die in Winter?

graphic of two goldfish with plants

As winter approaches, you may wonder if your garden pond plants will survive. Is there anything you need to be doing leading up to winter to ensure their safety? In this guide, we will discuss which plants die off in winter and which ones won’t, as well as how to overwinter the ones that do. … Read more

How To Overwinter Pond Plants

Close up of leaves in pond

You may have a beautifully planted out pond that you made over the summer, and are worried that all your hard work will be gone when winter comes. But don’t worry, by following our guide on pond plants, we can help by discussing what types of plants can survive over winter untouched and which ones … Read more

Pond Fish That Can Survive Winter

Pond fish in the water

Goldfish are the most popular pond fish around the world due to their domestication, ease of care and survivability during all different types of weather conditions. However, there are other, less popular fish that can survive winter conditions that you may be able to keep in your pond. What are cold water fish? Cold water … Read more

Do Fish Freeze in the Winter?

During winter time, you may notice shallow pools, ponds and streams freeze over. Some bodies of water can even freeze completely, and can even trap fish, freezing them alive!  But can they survive this process, and how do fish cope with being frozen? Do fish freeze in winter? Naturally, no, the fish themselves should not … Read more