Best Ranchu Goldfish Tank Mates

Ranchu Goldfish in soapy water

Ranchu goldfish are a variety of Fancy goldfish that are also sometimes called the “King of Goldfish.” These beautiful fish have become huge favourites with hobbyists worldwide, especially in Asia, where the fish originate. Ranchus were originally bred to resemble a Sumo wrestler’s body shape with a large head and a heavy, chunky body. The … Read more

Best Ryukin Goldfish Tank Mates

Red Ryukin Goldfish

Ryukin goldfish are an unusual, beautiful variety of Fancy goldfish that many aquarists would love to add to a community tank with other fish species. But can Ryukins live with other fish? How many Ryukin goldfish can live together? And are Ryukins aggressive fish? Read this comprehensive guide to learn what fish make the best … Read more

Best Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Mates

No two Shubunkin goldfish look exactly alike! In fact, it’s the fish’s unique coloration that makes them so sought after. Shubunkins come in three varieties, London, American, and Bristol Shubunkins. All types of these gorgeous fish are best kept in a pond since they can grow to an impressive size of between 12 and 18 … Read more

Best Oranda Goldfish Tank Mates

Oranda swimming in clear water

Oranda goldfish are popular, beautiful fish that many hobbyists would like to keep in a mixed community tank. But can Oranda goldfish live with other fish? Are Orandas aggressive fish? And how many Oranda goldfish can live together? Keep reading to learn what fish make the best Oranda goldfish tank mates. What size tank do … Read more

Best Comet Goldfish Tank Mates

Comet goldfish with mouth open

Comet goldfish are strikingly beautiful fish that do best when kept in large ponds in the company of other similar types of fish. But are Comets peaceful fish? How many Comets can you keep together? And can you keep Comet goldfish in a tank? Read this guide to find out what fish species make the … Read more

Best Black Moor Goldfish Tank Mates

close up of black moor goldfish

Black Moor goldfish are beautiful fish that make an attractive, interesting addition to any coldwater fish tank. But can Black Moors live with other fish? Are Black Moors peaceful fish? And how many Black Moors can you keep together? Read this guide to find out what fish make the best Black Moor goldfish tank mates. … Read more

Can Goldfish and Koi Live Together?

Koi Carp swimming in ponds

The most common pairing of pond fish is probably goldfish with koi carp.  Both of these fish are very similar, but they do have some subtle differences that you may need to know before pairing them with your goldies. Can Koi fish and Goldfish live in the same pond? Yes! Koi and goldfish can live … Read more