Types of Goldfish Pond

Goldfish Ponds Part 2: Types of goldfish pond

Once you have worked out where you would like to place your goldfish pond, and know whether the location places any constraints on your choice, it’s time to choose between the different types of goldfish pond construction!

There are various different options in terms of materials, shapes and styles, and what you ultimately select largely comes down to personal taste.

Here are some tips to help you decide what type of goldfish pond is right for you.

Three types of goldfish pond

There are three basic types of goldfish pond construction: concrete ponds, pond liners and preformed moulds.

All of these options have their advantages and drawbacks for the goldfish keeper, though ultimately they are all equally fit for the purpose of keeping goldfish outdoors.

Concrete ponds

Concrete ponds are constructed by digging out the shape of the pond you wish to build, then lining the sides of the pond with concrete before painting it with a suitable waterproof and fish-safe paint and/or adding a pond liner.

Constructed correctly, concrete ponds will generally have the longest lifespan of all the options, but they can be labour-intensive to construct, and prone to cracking and subsidence if the substrate shifts or the pond is poorly reinforced.

Pond liners

Using a pond liner is often the quickest and cheapest way to construct your pond, as after digging out the substrate into the shape you want, you simply need to fit, seal and secure the liner.

“Simply” is a relative term, however, and making sure that your pond liner is watertight, secure and fit for purpose can be rather fiddly!

Pond liners> can be bought in a range of materials and thicknesses, and it is wise to ensure that the pond liner that you choose is guaranteed against punctures.

Preformed or molded ponds

Pre-formed pond molds are constructed out of sturdy fiberglass or plastic, and are very hard-wearing and durable. They are also available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Once you’ve dug a hole to fit your pond, you simply drop the mold into the hole with relative ease.

Pre-formed ponds are overall the most popular style of garden pond.

The shape and style of the pond

What shape you choose for your pond is up to you; you may require a certain shape in order to fit the available space, or you may be able to go with whatever shape appeals to you.

The style of the pond is also a matter of personal choice; whether you wish your pond to blend into the natural appearance of your garden or to stand out as a statement piece is largely a matter of personal preference.

Whatever shape and style of pond you choose, make sure that it has a large enough surface area to provide adequate oxygenation for the fish and goldfish pond plants that will live within it, and to give you every opportunity to be able to view your fish.

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  1. I made a 16 x 7x 2 foot outdoor pond in my yard three years ago. It has a liner made of rubber (such as roofers put under the shingles. It has a filter and a waterfall that provides ariation (?spelling). I have approx. 15 goldfish in it and most have made it through the 3 Winters that froze thick ice over entire pond. It is 39 degrees with a skim of ice now and my fish still respond to my coming out to feed them BUT they only touch the food flakes with their lips; they do not pull it into their mouths.
    Do they need any food, and how can I continue to ariate the pond? I think I have had exceptional luck thus far with only one “floater” in 3 years. If you have any helpful information for me, please E-Mail to me. Thanks. I have 2 beautiful goldfish in my home in a 18 gallon tank and they are beautifully colored, like each other, have had no problems in 8 years. They are always together as if they are a school of 2.


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