Where to place a goldfish pond

Goldfish Ponds Part 1: Where to place a goldfish pond

If you have a yard or garden and are considering adding a decorative goldfish pond to it, one of the first considerations to bear in mind is where your pond should be situated.

Before you get as far as researching and deciding what type of goldfish pond you might ultimately like to build, identifying a suitable spot for your pond and equally importantly, working out what areas of the garden might be inappropriate for it is your first step!

The location you choose may also dictate to some extent the goldfish pond types that you can consider, how large it can be, and what plants and fish you can keep within it.

Here are the core considerations that you should bear in mind.

Light and shade

Your eventual goldfish pond plants and fish will need to have the right balance of light and shade, so finding an area of the garden that matches their requirements is important.

If you place your goldfish pond in a gloomy corner that does not get much light throughout the day, neither your plants nor your fish will thrive.

Similarly, placing your pond in an area that is always directly under the glare of the sun can lead to problems with the pond’s water retention, algae growth and general condition.

While you can sometimes correct the problems caused by placing your pond in an area that is too sunny with the clever planting of land-based plants and rock formations for shade, it is much harder to introduce artificial light!

The condition of the substrate

You might have to undertake some experimental digging in the area or areas where you are considering placing your new goldfish pond, in order to find out whether the substrate is suitable.

If the ground is particularly hard or rocky then this can cause difficulties with being able to dig a suitable hole for your goldfish pond, while if the earth is too soft or too wet, you might find that your pond subsides over time.

If you live in an area where the ground underneath the topsoil is bedrock or something equally solid, you may have to look at the possibility of building an above-ground pond to counteract this.

Access to your goldfish pond

Obviously you will want to enjoy your goldfish pond and be able to view it easily, so ensuring that you can see it from the areas of the garden that you use the most and that you can get to your pond easily to care for and maintain it is vital.

You’re unlikely to get the full enjoyment you should be getting out of your pond if it is difficult to access or easy to ignore!

Running electric and water to your pond

Finally, remember that your goldfish pond will require water top-ups and also, some electrical equipment such as water pumps and filters, so it must be within easy reach of a tap and hosepipe.

You will also need to provide or install a suitable weatherproof plug socket that you can run cables for your goldfish pond’s electrical fittings to and from.

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