Adding plants and fixtures to a goldfish pond

Goldfish Ponds Part 6: Adding plants and fixtures

Once your pond is built and watertight, you can start adding the goldfish pond equipment, fixtures and eventually, live goldfish pond plants!

It may prove helpful to only half-fill your pond with water until after you have situated your decorations and fittings, in order to provide easier access to the bottom of the pond and allow you to see everything that you need.

Bear in mind that some goldfish pond equipment such as filters and pumps may not be able to “run dry,” i.e. function without any water passing through them, so you will not be able to test everything out fully until the pond has been filled.

Adding the substrate and decoration

Start with your large, solid ornamentation such as rocks and decorations, and place them into the pond before you add the substrate, in order to provide a firm surface for them to stand on.

Make sure that everything is situated securely, and will not collapse or topple over and injure your eventual fish.

Next, add your substrate, such as gravel or sand, ensuring that is has been thoroughly rinsed out with clean water to remove any debris first.

The water will need a while to settle after this, and may appear dirty until it does so.

Fitting your equipment

Now you are ready to add the essential equipment that your pond needs to be healthy, such as the filtration system and air pumps .

At this stage you will also need to work out how and where you are going to locate the power lines to run these, and ensure that they are secured and safe to use.

Make sure that the aeration pump or pumps are situated in such a way as to efficiently move the water around the pond, and provide enough oxygenation to the lower reaches of the pond.

Ensure that the filter is located in a good spot to filter the water and also remain within easy reach for cleaning.

When the pond has been filled with water, try out all of the equipment to make sure that it works and, when you are happy, leave the equipment running as it will when the pond is full.

Adding plants to your pond

After you have decorated the pond and got all of the equipment up and running, leave the pond to settle down for a few days before adding your plants.

Some good goldfish pond plants for the new pond include:

Introduce plants gradually, and plant them with consideration for their needs in terms of lighting and water flow. You should allow them a few days to settle in before adding your first fish.

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  1. Please help. We bought a house and we thought the previous owners had taken them, but, left five gold fish in a aluminum 75-90 gallon stock tank in the back yard. There is a fountain that continuously pumps the water, but there is black gunk growing on all sides of the tank, that I don’t know what to do about. We live in south Texas and although it doesn’t maintain, I’m concerned about the temperatures, just at freezing in the night and early mornings. We also purchased a water treatment to remove chlorine, as I added water to the tank and we bought gold fish pellets that we feed them.


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