Planted Goldfish Aquarium

Goldfish and Planted Tanks Creating a vibrant planted goldfish aquarium requires understanding the balance between the playful nature of goldfish and the delicate ecosystem that live plants bring to an aquarium. While goldfish are often seen as voracious plant-eaters, a carefully planned planted aquarium can indeed flourish, becoming a visually appealing and healthy environment for … Read more

How to protect your goldfish pond from invasive plants

Cartoon of a plant chasing a goldfish

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Remember how Seymour thought Audrey II was the most amazing plant he’d ever found in Little Shop of Horrors?

If you haven’t seen the film, spoiler alert – the plant starts eating everyone.

Of course, it’s unlikely that invasive plants in your goldfish pond are likely to commit murder! But they could be harmful to your other plants, taking over the living space and restricting their ability to grow and feed.

So, how do you keep these nasties out of your pond?

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Hornwort: The Ultimate Guide

Hornwort live aquarium plant

Hornwort (ceratophyllum) is a popular aquarium plant. It is also known as Coon’s Tail – for the obvious reason that it looks a bit like the tail of a racoon. Hornwort is a floating plant that does not put down roots, though it can be anchored down into the substrate of the tank with weights. … Read more

Anubias barteri plants

Anubias Barteri plants

Anubias barteri is a flowering plant that hails from the west of Africa. In the wild, it can be found growing in streams, rivers and marshes.

Anubias barteri has a lush green coloration and large, flat individual arrow-shaped leaves located at the end of sturdy stems. The plant can grow to as much as a foot across and a foot tall.

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Decorating a Goldfish Pond

Two cartoon goldfish carrying a plant

Once your pond is built and watertight, you can start adding the goldfish pond equipment, fixtures and eventually, live plants! It may prove helpful to only half-fill your pond with water until after you have situated your decorations and fittings, in order to provide easier access to the bottom of the pond and allow you … Read more

Water Wisteria

Water Wisteria plants in an aquarium

Water Wisteria (Hygrophila difformis) is found in its natural habit in the marshlands of the Indian subcontinent. Confusingly, it is not related to the land-based plant of the same name. Wisteria has attractive lacy-looking leaves, which range in color from light to dark green. The color of your plant depends on your tank conditions. Wisteria … Read more