Can Goldfish Eat Each Other? The Killer Truth!

Can Goldfish Eat Eachother

Can Goldfish Eat Each Other? Are you a proud owner of a lively tank filled with shimmering goldfish? Then, like many pet owners, you’ve likely asked yourself the question: “Can goldfish eat each other?” The answer, which might be surprising to some, is yes. Though not natural predators, goldfish can, in certain circumstances, eat each … Read more

Where do goldfish come from?

Cartoon of a goldfish looking at a world map

Have you ever thought about where goldfish come from? You might have picked them up from the pet store, but how did they get there?

Why did people start keeping goldfish as pets? And where do pet stores get the millions of goldies that are sold every year?

There’s a fascinating story behind the first pet goldfish and, if you haven’t heard it before, you’ll never guess how it happened!

Read on to find out more.

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Goldfish know their classical music!

Cartoon of a goldfish dressed as a music conductor

Here’s some surprising information for you! Did you know that goldfish can be trained to tell the difference between different pieces of classical music?!

We’ve already debunked the three-second memory myth and explained that goldfish can hear sound. Well now, researchers have successfully trained a group of goldfish to tell their Bach from their Stravinsky!

Read on to find out how they did it…

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Do Goldfish Sleep? How, when and how can you tell?

Cartoon of a goldfish sleeping with its eyes open

Goldfish do sleep, but not in the same way people do. Goldfish sleep is more like resting.

Like people, goldfish tend to sleep at night time, when it’s dark. Watch your fish at night and you might notice them hovering in one spot, only moving slightly to keep themselves stable in the water.

This behaviour tells you that your goldfish is sleeping.

The hovering spot will usually be somewhere near aquarium decorations and lower down in the tank.

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