Goldfish are smarter than you think!

Goldfish facts

The goldfish is one of the most popular of all the fish kept as pets. They are a group of freshwater fish belonging to the Family Cyprinidae, Order Cypriniformes, and one of the earliest species of fish to be domesticated.

The myth that goldfish have a very short attention span has been making the rounds in the web and even among aquarists. However, research studies have shown that this is not correct. In fact, goldfish have been shown to have a memory that can last at least three months.

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The difference between koi and goldfish

Difference between goldfish and koi

Have you ever wondered whether goldfish and koi are the same type of fish? And whether they could breed with each other?

Do you struggle to tell koi and goldfish apart?

While they are related, the two types of fish are actually different species, with many differences between them.

Read on to learn more about these differences. We’ll start by looking at the different origins of the two types of fish, then look at their physical differences. Finally, we’ll find out whether koi and goldfish can breed with each other.

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Goldfish know their classical music!

Goldfish recognize classical music

Here’s some surprising information for you! Did you know that goldfish can be trained to tell the difference between different pieces of classical music?!

We’ve already debunked the three-second memory myth and explained that goldfish can hear sound. Well now, researchers have successfully trained a group of goldfish to tell their Bach from their Stravinsky!

Read on to find out how they did it…

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Goldfish Memory: Is 3 second goldfish memory a myth?

Goldfish memory

MYTH: Goldfish memory spans are just three-seconds long FACT: Goldfish can remember things for months! Most goldfish keepers will have heard the “fact” that goldfish memory spans are just three seconds long – but is it true? The answer is a very definite no! Scientist have proven that goldfish memory spans are nowhere near as short … Read more