Pompom Goldfish: All about the pompom goldfish

Pompom goldfish

The pompom goldfish is actually correctly named the “pompon”. However, due to its appearance, it is much more commonly known by the name pompom.

The pompom goldfish is distinctive due to the two bubble-like growths, also known as narial bouquets, that develop on the nose of the fish from the time that they are around 18 weeks old, making the fish instantly recognizable to the goldfish enthusiast. These narial bouquets should be at least the size of the eye.

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Celestial eye goldfish: All about Celestial Goldfish

Celestial eye goldfish

The Celestial Goldfish gets its name from the position of its eyes, which look up towards the sky. The Celestial Goldfish is regularly confused with the Bubble Eye Goldfish, as both have eyes that point upwards. The Celestial Goldfish has bulging eyes where as the Bubble Eye Goldfish has air sacs under each eye.

The Celestial Goldfish originates from Korea and usually grows to around 6” long. They have paired caudal fins and anal fins, no dorsal fins, and can be seen in orange, white, or a combination of both colors.

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