Catfish Aquariums

Discovering Catfish Aquariums Varieties In the diverse world of catfish aquariums, enthusiasts can explore an array of species, each with unique characteristics and requirements. Understanding the different types of catfish available can enrich the experience of keeping an aquarium and ensure the health and vibrancy of these fascinating creatures. Catfish, known scientifically as Siluriformes, are … Read more

Tamasaba Goldfish: Care Guide, Lifespan and More

Tamasaba Goldfish guide

Tamasaba goldfish are a rare type of egg-shaped goldfish. These unusual fish are seldom seen in the hobby outside of their native Japan.  However, if you do manage to get hold of one of these beauties, they are relatively easy to look after, making them suitable for beginners.  Even better, these coldwater specialists are equally … Read more

Jikin Goldfish: Care Guide, Lifespan and More

Jikin Goldfish Care guide, lifespan and more

The Jikin goldfish is one of the rarest Fancy goldfish varieties. Jikins are also known as Sea Wolf, Peacock and Rokurin goldfish. These gorgeous fish have a unique four-lobed tail that’s associated with the Shachihoko dolphin statue in the Nagoya castle.  Jikins are difficult to come by outside of their native Japan and are almost … Read more

Tosakin Goldfish; Care Guide, Lifespan, and More

tosakin goldfish swimming to the left

The Tosakin goldfish is an extremely rare variety of the popular Fantail goldfish. Tosakins have an incredible history that you’ll learn more about later in this guide. However, from the get-go, you need to know that these goldfish are hard to find, expensive to buy, and terribly delicate. We don’t recommend the Tosakin as a … Read more