Celestial eye goldfish: All about Celestial Goldfish

Celestial eye goldfish

The Celestial Goldfish gets its name from the position of its eyes, which look up towards the sky. The Celestial Goldfish is regularly confused with the Bubble Eye Goldfish, as both have eyes that point upwards. The Celestial Goldfish has bulging eyes where as the Bubble Eye Goldfish has air sacs under each eye.

The Celestial Goldfish originates from Korea and usually grows to around 6” long. They have paired caudal fins, no dorsal fins, and can be seen in orange, white, or a combination of both colors.

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Veiltail Goldfish: All about veiltails

Veiltail goldfish

Many different types of goldfish are mistakenly referred to as veiltails, as the distinctive tail of this fish has been reproduced in several goldfish varieties. However, the true veiltail is bred only for one specific tail, fin and body shape, and ideally, will have no fork in the tail.

The caudal fins of the veiltail should be as long as or longer than the body, and fully divided.

The dorsal fin should be as high as the body is deep, and carried erect, with twin anal fins and an almost round body shape.

The veiltail is one of the more recently recognized fancy goldfish varieties in its own right, having been developed in Philadelphia, USA, in the early part of the 20th century.

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Pearlscale Goldfish

Pearlscale goldfish

Pearscale Goldfish originated in the early 1900s and are one of the more recent additions to the fancy goldfish family. They are thought to have originated in China and further developed in Japan. The pearscale is characterized by uniquely-shaped scales, which are caused by calcium carbonate deposits, and have a pearly appearance. They have a … Read more

Lionhead Goldfish

Lionhead goldfish

The lionhead goldfish is the oldest and arguably the most popular of the dorsal-less goldfish breeds. They have short fins, double caudal fins, and a more rounded body. Very rarely there can be a long tailed Lionfish Goldfish born. Bred in China to depict the image of the mythical lion-dog, the lionhead is characterized by … Read more

Ryukin Goldfish

Ryukin goldfish

The Ryukin goldfish is a Japanese strain of fan-tailed goldfish bred in the late 1700s. They have double finned tails with four tail lobes, they can be either long or short. The long ones are sought after more due to their appearance. The Ryukin is characterized by the large dorsal hump that starts near its … Read more

Bubble Eye Goldfish

Bubble eye goldfish

The Bubble Eye goldfish originated in the early 1900s in China and is thought to have been developed from a strain of Celestial Eye Goldfish. They are similar in appearance to a Celestial Eye Goldfish. The Bubble Eye is one of the most delicate fancy goldfish types and is characterized by the two fluid filled … Read more

Common Goldfish

Common goldfish

The common goldfish known as Carassius Auratus, Auratus means  “gold” and this is what gave the goldfish its name. The common is the simplest variation of all goldfish breeds. The goldfish are part of the Cyprindae family of fish which also includes koi, carp, and minnows. The common goldfish is the fish that most resembles … Read more