A Complete Guide to Pond Snails

greg rosenke

You may have been recommended by someone to add pond snails to your pond; you may have heard from others that they are bad and are vermin. But what are pond snails, are they good or bad, why would you want to keep them, and in what ways can you benefit from keeping them? What … Read more

When do pond fish come out of hibernation?

Goldfish popping out of the water

You may know that fish enter a state of dormancy over autumn and winter, that they enter hibernation below certain temperatures, but is this true, what does it mean and what should you do about it? Do pond fish go into hibernation? Yes, temperate and coldwater fish species like goldfish enter a dormant state over … Read more

Natural Setups and Goldfish in the Wild

Goldfish in natural pond

We are believers that keeping fish, or any animal as natural as possible, is the best way to ensure their health and longevity.  However, this has its limits, as we will discuss, what may be considered a natural pond or what your definition is, it may still not be suitable for goldfish to survive within. … Read more

A Guide to Goldfish Pond Mates

Goldfish looking above the water surface

If you have a pond with goldfish and still have plenty of room for more, but want to spice things up a little, then there are a few different fish that can live with them. In this list, we will give some examples of fish that can live with goldfish, and we will give some … Read more