Natural Setups and Goldfish in the Wild

Goldfish in natural pond

We are believers that keeping fish, or any animal as natural as possible, is the best way to ensure their health and longevity.  However, this has its limits, as we will discuss, what may be considered a natural pond or what your definition is, it may still not be suitable for goldfish to survive within. … Read more

A Guide to Goldfish Pond Mates

Goldfish looking above the water surface

If you have a pond with goldfish and still have plenty of room for more, but want to spice things up a little, then there are a few different fish that can live with them. In this list, we will give some examples of fish that can live with goldfish, and we will give some … Read more

How to protect your goldfish pond from invasive plants

Cartoon of a plant chasing a goldfish

This is a guest post from Ricky at

Remember how Seymour thought Audrey II was the most amazing plant he’d ever found in Little Shop of Horrors?

If you haven’t seen the film, spoiler alert – the plant starts eating everyone.

Of course, it’s unlikely that invasive plants in your goldfish pond are likely to commit murder! But they could be harmful to your other plants, taking over the living space and restricting their ability to grow and feed.

So, how do you keep these nasties out of your pond?

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How to Add Goldfish to a Pond

Fish knocking on door with briefcase in hand

When you have finally reached the stage where you are ready to add goldfish to your pond, it can be very tempting to rush out and buy a large selection of fish immediately! However, it’s important to handle the introduction of your goldfish slowly to avoid placing too much of a strain on the natural … Read more