Types of Goldfish Pond

Goldfish pond size

Goldfish Ponds Part 2: Types of goldfish pond

Once you have worked out where you would like to place your goldfish pond, and know whether the location places any constraints on your choice, it’s time to choose between the different types of goldfish pond construction!

There are various different options in terms of materials, shapes and styles, and what you ultimately select largely comes down to personal taste.

Here are some tips to help you decide what type of goldfish pond is right for you.

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Where to place a goldfish pond

Where to place a goldfish pond

Goldfish Ponds Part 1: Where to place a goldfish pond

If you have a yard or garden and are considering adding a decorative goldfish pond to it, one of the first considerations to bear in mind is where your pond should be situated.

Before you get as far as researching and deciding what type of goldfish pond you might ultimately like to build, identifying a suitable spot for your pond and equally importantly, working out what areas of the garden might be inappropriate for it is your first step!

The location you choose may also dictate to some extent the goldfish pond types that you can consider, how large it can be, and what plants and fish you can keep within it.

Here are the core considerations that you should bear in mind.

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