Fluval 06 Series Filters

A Fluval 06 Series filter on a white background

The Fluval 06 series of external filters sits outside of the tank, which means they don’t take up valuable water space.

They come in four sizes to suit different sized tanks:

The 106 model, for tanks of up to 25 gallons

The 207 model, for tanks of up to 45 gallons

The 306 model, for tanks of up to 70 gallons

The 407 model, for tanks of up to 100 gallons

The range of filters is more expensive than some other options. They’re also more expensive than Fluval’s internal filters. However, if you want to invest in good quality kit, the Fluval 06 series is highly recommended.

All of the products in the range come with a three year manufacturers guarantee.

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