Hygger aquarium small internal filter review

The Hygger internal filter is a great unit for filtering those smaller tanks, available in 2 sizes, this filter’s versatile and smart design is one that we really enjoy, and after testing it out on our tanks, we personally recommend it as a top quality air filter.

Design of the filter

The filter has a sleek and smart design, its fashionable look allows it to go well with any aquarium and its streamlined shape makes it highly versatile when it comes to placement in the tank.

It builds on the traditional box filter format, providing a more modern look, with a simple, yet ingenious design that can be incorporated into a variety of setups. 

As its filter media is protected within a plastic casing, you may use it in tanks that house particularly destructive inhabitants, namely things like Crayfish, large operculum snails such as Apple Snails and Columbian Ramshorns, and certain cichlids which would normally enjoy shredding up filter sponge.

The protective box makes this filter nice to look at, adaptable, and ensures that your filter is not the target for any destruction.

The filter is held up by two high quality sticky cups fitted onto the back, which suction onto the glass. 

These suction cups are highly effective, holding the filter in place firmly, while still being flexible enough to be easily moved around, contrary to many other filters on the market, who’s suction cups are either too stiff to stick, or too difficult to remove once placed.

Ease of use and maintenance

The filter is simple to set up and perform regular maintenance on, the media is contained within a box cartridge, which can be easily removed by sliding it out the front. 

This cartridge not only protects the sponge from harm, but also means that cleaning is made very easy, as the debris filled sponge can be quickly accessed and removed, with little to no spillage.

You can also leave the main body of the filter in the tank, simply removing the media cartridge and later placing it back into its slot, a nice feature, making for quick and easy maintenance, saving lots of time and hassle.

As far as initial setup, the filter comes pre built, and just needs an air tube to be connected at the top, being very accessible, even if you have no prior experience in setting up filtration for an aquarium.

Maintenance is as easy as regular cleaning of the sponge once every few weeks or so, depending on the level of debris in the tank.

Filtration capabilities and Functionality

The filtration is air powered, and works by attaching air line tubing to the node at the top of the unit and connecting it to any aquarium air pump.

The filter is available in 2 sizes, large and small, providing excellent filtration and aeration for tank sizes up to 20L (small) or 76L (large).

The filtration is mostly biological, as ceramic bio balls in the top compartment of the media cartridge house lots of beneficial bacteria, that do an excellent job of converting ammonia and nitrites.

The lower section houses the fine sponge, which also houses bacteria, and traps floating debris, keeping the water clear of fine particles.

Both of these forms of filtration media are reusable and easily cleaned, lasting many months or even years if looked after correctly.

The modular design of the Hygger filter also means you can swap out the filtration easily; with new sponge and ceramic media, or even replace it entirely for another form of media, like floss or carbon.

Another nice aspect of the Hygger internal filter, is that it does not exude a strong current or pull water in with force.

This means it is also viable in fry tanks, betta tanks, fancy goldfish tanks, or shrimp tanks, with no worry of the filter pulling in any poor swimmers, further adding to its versatility and adaptability to be used in all different types of aquariums.

We really like this neat little filtration unit, it is effective, affordable, very nice to look at and easy to use.

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