About Fluval U-Series Filters

Fluval is one of the best-known names in the aquarium filtration business. They offer a range of filters, designed to fit a wide variety of goldfish tank sizes.

Fluval offer a series of filters called the U-Series. These underwater filters are some of the most popular filters on the market and are well known for being both effective and quiet.

Of course, every goldfish tank needs a filter, so if you don’t have one yet (or if you’re looking for an upgrade) then we definitely recommend reading on to find out more…

Choosing a Fluval U Filter

The Fluval U-Series underwater filter comes in four sizes (U1, U2, U3 and U4) to suit different sized tanks. According to Fluval, the U1 filter covers tanks of up to 15 gallons, the U2 covers tanks of 12-30 gallons, the U3 is for 24-40 gallon tanks, and the U4 is for 34-65 gallons.

However, we suggest going for a size up from Fluvial’s recommendation in order to ensure that you have a high enough flow rate for your goldfish.

Regardless of the filter size you choose, the filter will sit inside the tank, submerged under the water. This means that internal filters reduce your tank water volume slightly.

Fluval U-Series filters provide both biological filtration and the filtering of physical debris from the tank. U-series filters can either be used as the sole form of tank filtration or in combination with other filters, such as under-gravel units.

How effective are Fluval U-Series filters?

Fluval U-Series filters are great little units!

They are reliable, quiet and easy to install and clean. Providing that you pick the right size for the volume of water in your tank and locate the unit sensibly, your filter will keep your water clean and clear of debris, as well as providing a great home for good bacteria!

The filter comes ready to go with two foam pads, two poly-carbon cartridges and a sachet of biomax biological filtration material. Adjustable controls mean that you can control the strength of the water flow through the filter and raise or lower it as required.

Are there any downsides to using these filters?

Not really! As Fluval U-Series filters are essentially a large black box, they can detract from the natural appearance of your tank. But that’s true of any internal filter.

You may be able to find cheaper filters, so price could be an issue. Fluval are a well-known brand and carry a higher price than more obscure filters. But you’re paying for higher quality versus most other filter units.

If you can afford an external filter then we would suggest going with that option for goldfish. But if you do decide to go for an internal filter then the Fluval U-Series would be an excellent choice.

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