About the API Freshwater Master Test Kit

API Master Test Kit

Keeping your tank water in good condition and removing harmful chemicals is vital to keeping your goldfish healthy and happy. In order to do this effectively, you need to buy a test kit and regularly check your water parameters.

In this article, we will look in more detail at their freshwater master test kit.

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What to do if your goldfish tank smells bad

Cartoon of a goldfish wearing a mask to protect itself from a bad smell

In the wild, fish live in large bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans. These bodies of water are so large that the conditions within them are much more stable than our small ponds and goldfish tanks. This makes them more able to cope with environmental changes or upsets within one part of the system.

It’s important to keep the balance of the tank and everything that lives within it just right. This prevents a range of problems within the tank that can manifest themselves as a rather nasty stagnant or fishy smell.

Does your tank smell bad? Here are some reasons for why this might be, and how to rectify or prevent it…

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Goldfish tank water changes

Cartoon of a goldfish in a tank during a water change

Water changes are a key part of proper goldfish care. But what is involved in changing goldfish water? Following the correct process can be the difference between keeping your fish strong and healthy in water that is perfectly suited to its needs, and keeping your fish in poor quality water that is hazardous to its … Read more

Goldfish Tank Setup: Cycling your goldfish tank

Cartoon of a goldfish tank surrounded by arrows representing the nitrogen cycle

So you’ve decided to get a pet goldfish, you’ve bought a suitable tank, a large enough filter, and maybe some food, plants and decorations… all you have to do now is rush down to the pet shop and pick out your new fish, right? Wrong! There’s one more very important step to goldfish tank setup … Read more