Treats to feed your goldfish

As well as feeding your goldfish a balanced diet of good quality complete food, there are lots of different treats to offer as well!

Feeding treats now and then helps to keep your goldfish’s diet varied, and also keeps them interested in what is going on at feeding time.

It is important that you pick treats for your goldfish carefully, and only give them things that are safe and good for them. It is also vital to ensure that you don’t overfeed your fish.

Here are some suggestions of good, healthy treats that your goldfish will love.

Make your fish’s day with delicious treats!

Vegetarian treats

Goldfish are omnivorous, which means they will eat either plants or animals. However, their main dietary staples are veggies and fiber, so supplementing their diet with fresh greens is a great idea. Feeding plenty of vegetables will help to support your fish’s digestive systems, and keep them healthy.

Try giving your fish some peas with the skins peeled off, gently blanched broccoli, and small cubes of zucchini. You can also offer raw egg yolk.

However, do remember that some of these foods are pretty messy! Try to schedule a water change and clean-out soon after feeding.

If any of your fish are prone to swim bladder problems then giving additional greens, such as lettuce or fresh seaweed can be really beneficial. Why not try planting some tasty live plants that you are happy to sacrifice to your goldfish’s munching?!

Other goldfish treats

Some other good treats for goldfish include brine shrimp and freeze dried bloodworms.

However, you should only feed these in small quantities and make sure that your goldfish’s main diet contains lots of vegetables, along with flakes and/or pellets.

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