Swim bladder disease: Is your fish swimming upside down?

swim bladder disease in goldfish

Swim bladder disease is one of the most common problems affecting goldfish. If you’ve seen your fish swimming upside down, or on its side, then you’ve seen a swim bladder problem.

Although often called a “disease”, it is actually a symptom that can have a number of different causes. There is not one specific “disease” ¬†that is the cause of all swim bladder problems in goldfish.

As it is not actually a disease, swim bladder problems are not contagious. If one fish has a problem, your other fish won’t “catch it”. However, they may still be at risk of developing similar problems.

Fortunately, swim bladder problems can usually be cured fairly easily, as long as you spot them early enough. If you see your fish swimming upside or on its side, act quickly!

There are several good swim bladder treatments available. But, before you try to cure your fish, read on to find out more about treating swim bladder problems.

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