Veiltail Goldfish: All about veiltails

Many different types of goldfish are mistakenly referred to as veiltails, as the distinctive tail of this fish has been reproduced in several goldfish varieties. However, the true veiltail is bred only for one specific tail, fin and body shape, and ideally, will have no fork in the tail.

The caudal fins of the veiltail should be as long as or longer than the body, and fully divided.

The dorsal fin should be as high as the body is deep, and carried erect, with twin anal fins and an almost round body shape.

The veiltail is one of the more recently recognized fancy goldfish varieties in its own right, having been developed in Philadelphia, USA, in the early part of the 20th century.

Veiltail goldfish care

Due to the body shape of the veiltail, the fish’s swim bladders are round in shape rather than elongated. This makes veil tail goldfish more vulnerable to developing a loss of balance. Many older veiltails will not display perfect balance as they age.

Because the veiltails fins are so long and luxurious, it is vitally important to ensure that a top quality, balanced diet is fed to the fish. This ensures that the fins and tail stay in good condition and do not become congested or raggedy.

The length of the fins and tail itself can hamper movement in some veil tail fish. They therefore tend to be quite slow-moving.

Veiltails also tend to become stressed in busy tanks or tanks with faster fish, and they may become the target for bullies due to their easy-to-grab tail and fins.

Breeding veiltail goldfish

Due to their very long tails and fins, the movement of mature veiltails may be hampered. It is therefore important to ensure that the breeding tank has plenty of open space to avoid the fish from becoming tangled in the substrate, dividers or spawning medium.

The male and female veiltail are very similar, both having a short, round body shape. The female will often appear slimmer than the male other than when gravid. During the breeding season, telling male from female is relatively easy.

Choosing a veiltail goldfish

When buying a veiltail goldfish, you should look for young fish that have particularly long anal fins, as this usually indicates that the rest of the fins and the tail will be particularly long as the fish matures.

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