Goldfish Names: The best goldfish names as voted by you!

Cartoon of a goldfish swimming over some pebbles

Naming your goldfish is a very important decision! The goldfish names you choose today are what your fish will be called for the rest of their lives.

But with so many names to choose from, how do you decide which are the right names for your fish?

With the help of The Goldfish Tank and our readers, that’s how!

We asked our readers to choose their favourite goldfish names and over two thousand people voted.

The list below shows the top names chosen, and the poll is still open, so you can still vote for your favorite.

The best goldfish names

After 2000 votes, these were the top five goldfish names chosen by our readers:

  1. Bubbles: With 21% of the vote, this was the winner
  2. Goldie: A close second, with 18% of the vote
  3. Sushi: A controversial choice as it relates to fish as food, but Sushi was our third most popular goldfish name with 15% of the vote
  4. Nemo: Clearly inspired by the film, 10% of voters loved the name Nemo
  5. Finn: Who doesn’t love a pun?! 10% of voters chose this play on words

Vote for your favourite

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