Christmas gifts your goldfish will love

Christmas is a great opportunity to get them something new to entertain your goldfish.

If you have kids, they’ll love looking for goldfish gifts too. And even if you don’t, it can be really fun to search for interesting and exciting goldfish gifts.

Cartoon of a smiling happy goldfish
Make your goldfish happy with a fun Christmas gift

Great Christmas goldfish treats

So what are the best gifts to get your goldfish when Santa comes to call?

Here are some suggestions…

A brand new goldfish tank

One very good idea for a goldfish Christmas gift is a new tank. Particularly if they are starting to outgrow their current tank.

Not only will a new larger tank give them more room to swim, and more stable water parameters, it will help your goldfish to stay stimulated, with a new environment to explore.

Just don’t be tempted to cram more fish into your new tank. Having more space doesn’t mean you have to get more fish. It’s often best to just keep the fish you have and let them enjoy the extra room to swim around and grow.

New decorations

Another way to keep your goldfish entertained is to buy them some new decorations for their tank.

New decorations will give them something fresh and exciting to explore, while offering extra places to rest or hide in the tank when needed.

There are lots of decorations to choose from, including ruined temples, fake driftwood and, of course, the classic bridge.

We do suggest you read product reviews carefully and take care not to buy and decoration that could be dangerous for your fish. For example, avoid decorations with very tight spaces – where your goldfish could get stuck – or with dangerous sharp edges. Sadly, not all goldfish decorations are designed with safety in mind.

Finally, be careful not to add too many decorations. Remember – every decoration you add reduces the water volume available in your tank. The more decorations, the less room for your fish to swim and less water to dilute waste.

A new friend!

Another great gift idea for your current goldfish is getting an extra fish to keep them company.

This is especially true if you only have one goldfish and think they might be lonely.

Of course, it is not as simple as just sticking any other fish in the tank! Please make sure to read up on choosing suitable goldfish tank mates.

Do you want another goldfish? If so, which type? Or perhaps you want a different type of fish altogether? In which case, you need to choose a compatible tank mate.

Follow these instructions and we’re sure your goldfish will have a very happy Christmas!

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