How to train your goldfish to do clever tricks!

Goldfish aren’t as playful as cats and dogs, you can’t pet them, or take them out for walks, but you can engage with them in other ways – and even train them!

How to train your goldfish to eat from your hand

Yes that’s right, you can feed your fishy friends directly from your hand!

Simply hold your hand out with the food in your fingertips and, eventually, the fish will take the food.

Over time, your fish will get more used to this, until they start to beg for food and head straight for your hands when you put them in the water.

How to train your goldfish to do tricks

You can even get goldfish to carry out simple tricks. Using food as a reward system is the key.

For example, place some food in your fingertips at the end of a hoop and watch your goldfish swim through the hoop to get the food.

Repeat this technique until the fish has got the hang of it. But remember not to overfeed your fish as this can be fatal.

Eventually, the fish will start to associate the hoop with food and will regularly swim through.

Let your goldfish invent their own tricks

Goldfish are more interesting to watch if they have an engaging atmosphere to swim around. They will enjoy their habitat more and may even invent a few tricks of their own!

Invest in goldfish tank decorations and you might find that your fish likes to swim under bridges, through driftwood or round and round their castle!

Keep it fun and good for your fish

You should enjoy bonding with your pet fish. Make their home special, feed them nourishing food, and even use their food to train your pet. Just remember to always have the best interests of your fish as your top priority.

Never try to force your goldfish to do things they don’t want to do – or that might harm them – and never over-feed them during food training.

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