Goldfish Tank Decorations: Make your tank look beautiful

A cartoon of a goldfish tank containing a fish, a plant and a small bridge decoration
Goldfish tank decorations include ornaments such as bridges and decor such as live or fake plants

Once you have purchased your new goldfish, there are a whole host of questions and areas to think about. One very popular thing to do is place certain decorations in your goldfish tank for the fish to swim around.

Do goldfish need decorations?

Goldfish will find new items in the tank fascinating, so new tank decorations will help to keep them occupied and interested in their environment.

Goldfish tank decor will also encourage your fish to swim around the tank – searching for food or playfully following each other – which helps ensure they remain stimulated and well-exercised.

What decorations do goldfish like?

Popular goldfish tank decorations include:

  • bridges
  • plants
  • rocks
  • driftwood
  • models of shipwrecks
  • castles
  • other sea creatures, both real and mythical
  • random objects such as models of cars

Just be careful to choose quality, well-reviewed goldfish decor that is safe for your fish. You don’t want to put anything in your tank that could pollute your water or injure your goldfish with sharp edges.

How to decorate a goldfish tank

You can decorate your tank pretty much however you like. However, one important tip is to make sure you don’t put too many decorations in.

A very rough rule is to max out at one quarter decorated to three quarters open water. By doing this, you will still give your fish plenty of space to swim.

You may also want to re-arrange your ornaments each time you change the tank water. This gives the fish added stimulation and stops them getting bored with decorations always being in the same place. Your goldfish will really enjoy the feeling of having a whole new playground to explore!

Goldfish tank decor is important

There are many great ways to care for your goldfish and, in our opinion, adding decorations to your tank is one of the best.

Not only do decorations benefit your fish – helping to keep your goldfish happy – they also make the goldfish tank look nicer.

There are many great ornaments available, so why not shop around for goldfish tank decoration ideas and find something new for your tank?

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