Bubble Eye Goldfish

The Bubble Eye goldfish originated in the early 1900s in China and is thought to have been developed from a strain of Celestial Eye Goldfish. They are similar in appearance to a Celestial Eye Goldfish.

The Bubble Eye is one of the most delicate fancy goldfish types and is characterized by the two fluid filled sacs or ‘bladders’ underneath its eyes. The eyes are situated upward and due to this it causes poor eyesight.

The Bubble Eye begins to develop these bubbles at around three to six months of age and they can get quite large by the time the fish is two years old. They have double fins and in addition to its bubbles, the Bubble Eye is also characterized as a dorsal-less goldfish species.

The Bubble Eye comes in a range of colors from red, blue, chocolate, black, bi-color and calico variants.

Bubble Eye temperament and care

Bubble Eyes are one of the most delicate breeds of fancy goldfish and require very special care, making them unsuitable pets for anyone but experienced aquarists.

Bubble Eye goldfish are extremely poor swimmers and spend most of their time resting on the aquarium bed, so care should be taken to ensure that the gravel used in a Bubble Eye aquarium is of a smooth variety. This is because the sharp and jagged edges of most types of gravel can easily rupture the Bubble Eye’s fluid filled bubbles.

This is a very important factor to consider when decorating and aquascaping the Bubble Eye aquarium. Any objects or plants with jagged edges should be avoided and it is advisable to cover the intakes of power filters in a Bubble Eye aquarium with a mesh or netting. This is because the fluid sacs of Bubble Eyes can get sucked into the intakes of power filters, causing them to rupture. While a Bubble Eye will usually grow back its ruptured fluid sacs, it is highly unlikely that they will be as symmetrical as before and there is a high risk of death caused by infection.

Bubble Eyes should only be housed with equally handicapped goldfish such as Celestial Eyed Goldfish to ensure that they are not out-competed for food.

Bubble Eye breeding

Due to their delicate nature, hand-spawning might be a relatively safe option when breeding Bubble Eye goldfish.

Hand-spawning is carried out by first preparing an adequately sized aquarium to house the eggs and fry and then ‘milking’ the parent goldfish directly into this tank. Milking is done by holding the goldfish upside down and gently massaging the area from its belly to its anus with two fingers. This causes the female goldfish to release its eggs and the male to release milt.

When hand-spawning, the male is first milked into the aquarium and its milt is swished about. Next the female is milked into the aquarium and the eggs are swished about until they attach themselves to the glass walls and floor of the aquarium.

Choosing Bubble Eye goldfish

Ideal Bubble Eye goldfish should have a body depth between 1/3 and 5/8 of the body length. Bubble Eyes should have no ridges or spikes along their backs and they should have a smooth arch from head to tail. Their fluid sacs should be uniform in color and size, and while larger sacs are desirable, it is important that they not be so large that they impede the fish’s swimming capabilities too much.

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