Best Tosakin Goldfish Tank Mates

tosakin goldfish

Tosakin goldfish are also sometimes called Curly Tail, Peacock Tail, or the Queen of goldfish by Japanese fishkeepers. Tosakins are rare fish that you seldom see in the home tank. If you manage to find one of these beauties for sale online, you can expect to pay around $60/£50 for a standard red-and-white example. Read … Read more

Best Butterfly Tail Goldfish Tank Mates

Butterfly Tail goldfish are a beautiful variety of Fancy goldfish with wide-lobed, spreading tail fins that resemble a butterfly’s wings when viewed from above. These gorgeous fish are straightforward to care for, but what are the best tank mates for Butterfly Tail goldfish? How many of these beauties can live in the same aquarium? Are … Read more

Best Veiltail Goldfish Tank Mates

veiltail goldfish scaled

Veiltail goldfish are an unusual, seldom-seen variety of Fancy goldfish that can make beautiful pets. These delicate goldfish can be challenging to care for, so can you keep Veiltails in a community setup? How many Veiltais can live in the same tank? Are Veiltails aggressive fish? Read on to learn what fish can make the … Read more

Best Fantail Goldfish Tank Mates

Fantail fancy goldfish

Fantails are one of the world’s most popular varieties of Fancy goldfish and are also bred for showing. So, can you keep Fantails in a community tank with other species? How many Fantails can live together? Are Fantails peaceful fish? Keep reading to learn what fish make the best Fantail goldfish tank mates. What size … Read more

Best Bubble Eye Goldfish Tank Mates

Bubble eye fish

Bubble Eye goldfish are unusual, fragile goldfish that can make a fascinating addition to a coldwater aquarium. But are Bubble Eye goldfish aggressive? Can you keep Bubble Eye goldfish with other fish? And how many Bubble Eye goldfish can live together in one tank? Read this guide to discover the best Bubble Eye goldfish tank … Read more

Best Ranchu Goldfish Tank Mates

Ranchu Goldfish in soapy water

Ranchu goldfish are a variety of Fancy goldfish that are also sometimes called the “King of Goldfish.” These beautiful fish have become huge favourites with hobbyists worldwide, especially in Asia, where the fish originate. Ranchus were originally bred to resemble a Sumo wrestler’s body shape with a large head and a heavy, chunky body. The … Read more

Best Ryukin Goldfish Tank Mates

Red Ryukin Goldfish

Ryukin goldfish are an unusual, beautiful variety of Fancy goldfish that many aquarists would love to add to a community tank with other fish species. But can Ryukins live with other fish? How many Ryukin goldfish can live together? And are Ryukins aggressive fish? Read this comprehensive guide to learn what fish make the best … Read more