Best Tamasaba Goldfish Tank Mates

tamasaba sabao goldfish swimming to the left

Tamasaba goldfish are unusual, egg-shaped Fancy goldfish that are rarely seen outside of the Yamagata prefecture in Japan from where the fish originate. So, how many of these stunning fish can live together? Are Tamasaba goldfish aggressive? And can you keep these rare fish in a garden pond? Read this guide to find out what … Read more

Tamasaba Goldfish: Care Guide, Lifespan and More

Tamasaba Goldfish guide

Tamasaba goldfish are a rare type of egg-shaped goldfish. These unusual fish are seldom seen in the hobby outside of their native Japan.  However, if you do manage to get hold of one of these beauties, they are relatively easy to look after, making them suitable for beginners.  Even better, these coldwater specialists are equally … Read more