Celestial eye goldfish: All about Celestial Goldfish

Cartoon of a celestial eye goldfish with big bubble eyes

The Celestial Eye goldfish is a weird and wonderful fish that has its eyes mounted on the top of its head so that the fish appears to be constantly gazing upward. These are round-bodied goldfish but lack a dorsal fin, making the fish very clumsy swimmers.  These goldfish are not especially hardy and are somewhat … Read more

Lionhead Goldfish

Lionhead goldfish cartoon

The Lionhead goldfish or Chinese Lionhead goldfish is an unusual fish that can make a fun, quirky addition to a Fancy goldfish aquarium. However, the goldfish’s “wen” or fleshy growth on its head makes this a delicate species that’s probably not the best option for beginners to the hobby.  Read this care guide to find … Read more