12 Reasons why Goldfish Make Great Pets

Are you think of keeping a goldfish (or more than one) as a pet? If so – while we admit we are a bit biased! – we would certainly encourage you to go ahead and give keep goldfish as pets a try!

Goldfish are more than just a fond memory from childhood – they can provide a fascinating, challenging  and entertaining hobby.

Still not sold on the idea of keeping goldfish as pets?  Here are 12 great reasons to keep a pet goldfish…

#1. You don’t have to take pet goldfish on walks

When it’s blowing freezing snow and the driveway is covered in ice, you can sit warm and snug in your house instead of taking Fido outside watching your goldfish swim happily around.

They don’t need you to let them out in order to let out their energy and get some exercise every single day, rain or shine!

Just give them enough space and they will have their needs met for activity.

#2. Keeping goldfish as pets will keep your carpet free of mess!

Coming home from work or vacation to an unpleasant present on your $2,000 Persian rug or discovering that your expensive drapes torn to shreds is just an experience you don’t get to enjoy with a pet goldfish.

Potty training is no longer a worry, and replacing your clawed-up, chewed-up family room couch is a gouge in the wallet you might have to miss out on.

A big advantage of keeping goldfish as pets is that they are very contained. The only damage that could possibly happen would be a leaky tank.

#3. Pet goldfish don’t bite or scratch

A gentle nibble is the most you will feel with your fingers near the mouth of your goldfish.  Because their teeth are located in the back of their throats rather than up front in their mouth and they don’t have claws, being hurt by your pet is no longer a concern.  Rest assured that you are safe near them, and your neighbors won’t feel uncertain about coming over to your house for fear of being jumped all over. They are also completely allergy friendly!

#4. Goldfish are (almost!) odorless

Bad smells are a part of life when you must deal with cleaning out the litter box or gagging on dog breath.  No smelly poop-scooping with goldies! In rare cases such as if the tank smells bad, things can be easily set back to normal with a water change.

#5. Goldfish are inexpensive

It can cost thousands of dollars per year to look after a dog.  Horses cost far more.  Goldfish, on the other hand, are one of the most inexpensive pets, costing around $275 to set up the tank.

Of course, food costs, purchasing replacement fish and equipment and the cost of medication can bump that up a bit, but they are still one of the most affordable pets you can own.

#6. Goldfish live a long time

Many people are surprised at how long their fish can last when they take proper care of them.

Rather than worry about your goldfish dying shortly after you buy it, your problem with your goldfish’s lifespan may be that you have your fish for many years. It’s important to be ready for that commitment.

#7. Keeping goldfish as pets can reduce your anxiety

Having an aquarium is a great way to de-stress and has been scientifically proven to help reduce anxiety.

Watching your pet goldfish gliding smoothly through the water in a beautiful and intricate dance with the other fish is definitely enjoyable after a long day.

#8. Companionship and entertainment

Everybody needs something that needs them and something they love!

Goldfish are perfect for just that.

Having a goldfish in your room can help you feel less alone when things are quiet around the house.  Not only that, but your aquatic pet can provide many a laugh at their antics and personalities.

#9. Goldfish are interesting to learn about

There is a wealth of information to uncover about goldfish – and you can learn most of it right here at The Goldfish Tank.

Learning about goldfish is both fascinating and educational.  There is always more to uncover as you research this amazing animal.

#10. Goldfish are relatively low-maintenance

While goldfish do require weekly water changes and daily feedings, they really don’t demand much more than that.

They do not demand your constant attention, insisting that you entertain them while interrupting what you are doing.  Goldfish can also go for quite a while without food.

#11. They are colorful & beautiful creatures

The beauty and intrigue of the goldfish provides much enjoyment.

If you have any interest or photography or art, a goldfish makes a wonderful subject!

Appreciating the wonderful diverse colors and graceful movement of a goldfish is a daily privilege.

#12. Goldfish are silent

Do you dread having the neighbors call animal control on you because of that barking dog?  Would a loud, meowing cat drive you up the wall?  The most noise you will hear coming from your aquarium is the soft sound of trickling water or the gentle hum of a filter.

So there you have it: 12 reasons why a goldfish would make a great pet!

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