Do goldfish need light?

Do goldfish need light?Q. Do goldfish need light? 
A. Yes, goldfish do need light.

Do goldfish need light?! would you like to be kept in the dark?!

Goldfish definitely do need light.

Like most animals, goldfish would not be healthy if permanently kept in dull or dark conditions.

However, you should not keep your goldfish in direct sunlight (as the water may get too hot) and you don’t necessarily need to add an aquarium light.

The only reasons to add a light to your aquarium would be to grow plants or if your goldfish are in a particularly poorly lit area.

If you do add a light to your aquarium then switch it off at night.

Like humans, goldfish prefer to “sleep” in the dark.

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  • kris hopper

    I read that you recommend that gold fish should only be with other goldfish. my question is what about betta and sucker fish? would they be okay with goldfish?

    • TheGoldfishTank

      We wouldn’t recommend it. There’s a chance that bettas and goldfish could fight or harass each other, and bettas prefer slightly warmer water than is suitable for goldfish.

      We wouldn’t recommend sucker fish either, as they can actually suck on the goldfish! That causes damage to the goldfish’s slime coating and creates sores which could before infected.


    • Joseph Azzopardi

      No, they are tropical fish (prefer warmer water temperatures) unlike goldfish which is a cold water fish.