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Are goldfish edible? Don’t even think about it!

Can you eat goldfish?

Can you eat goldfish? Is your goldfish edible? Hopefully this goes without saying, but regardless of the answer, you absolutely should NOT eat them! Not only is it cruel but – as you’ll find out below – it’s also pointless and goldfish are probably not very tasty.

However, you’d be surprised how often we’re asked this question. And how often people search for the answer on Google or in internet forums. Hopefully they’re just curious rather than actually planning to eat their pet! Though sadly, there are also reports of goldfish swallowing by some (in our opinion very stupid) people!

So, are goldfish edible and is there ever any reason to eat them? We want to answer the question once and for all!

Are goldfish edible?

The short answer is – goldfish are as edible as any other freshwater fish; however, they are most likely not tasty food.

Since goldfish are a relative of carp, and carp has been a food source for many years, it makes sense that goldfish edible.

However, the taste would be questionable, to say the least, and they’d quite likely have a “muddy” flavor.

Goldfish are also small and bony, which would make it a challenge to get a meal out of a single goldfish.

But most of all – the main reason you should never eat a goldfish – is that they are a pet animal. Goldfish are to be cared for and enjoyed, not eaten!

The history of carp as food

Goldfish are decedents of carp, which come from the minnow family of fish, they are big-lipped and large-muscled fish. These fish were introduced to the Americas around 1872. There are many types of carp and are found all over The United States. There are many types of species of carp and this means they can live in various habitats around the world.

Carp is the number one species used in aquaculture and commonly used in China, which accounts for about 70% of commercially produced carp. Carp is used in many Christmas dishes for various cultures. People in Hungary use it in a soup, people in the Czech Republic fry the meat and also make thick soups with the head, and gefilte fish is common for Jewish cuisine.

Carp have been associated with a “muddy” taste due to their living environments. They tend to enjoy hanging out in shallow waters and deep pools in rivers.

If prepared correctly though, carp can be a delightful fish to eat. Carp are oily fish and have a taste that is similar to salmon. Due to them having a high oil content this makes their meat moist and flaky. If carp is caught and prepared correctly the “muddy” taste shouldn’t happen.

Preparing carp to eat

There are some things to take into consideration if you are going to enjoy eating carp. You must put it on ice immediately after catching it and you must remove and clean out the bloodline.

Since they are bottom dwelling fish, they will taste like what they eat. If they live in a low pollution water with healthy vegetation, then they can taste good but if they are living in a dirty environment then they will potentially taste bad.

Carp are a bony fish and the rib bones fork into several prongs which poses a problem when fileting.

Size affects the taste of carp as well. The larger the fish the more course, heavier texture, and stronger flavor they can have.

It is recommended that once you catch a carp and are planning to eat it, you give it some bucket time. This is when you leave your carp in a clean bucket of water without feeding it for a couple days it so it can detox the meat. Keeping it on ice is also crucial to preserve the flavor of the meat. Once body temperature rises, it increases histamine release in the body. Histamine affects how “muddy” the meat will taste. Plus, if histamine levels are too high, you can get sick from eating the meat.

Why goldfish would make a bad meal

With goldfish coming from the carp family, it is assumed that the same muddy flavor can be avoided by not stressing the fish and immediately getting it on ice. Goldfish will also taste like what they eat – and fish flakes or pellets are not an enjoyable taste.

Goldfish are also incredibly tiny compared to their carp ancestors. This means that trying to debone and prepare a goldfish would take a large amount of time for a very tiny amount of meat. It simply wouldn’t be worth the effort.

Goldfish are usually found in pet stores and – obviously – these places aren’t putting effort into making the fish taste good! They are looking at the overall health of the animal and their diet would make the goldfish taste bad.

Goldfish can also contain a bacterium called mycobacteria, which can be transmitted to humans. The bacteria don’t cause a change in the fish’s appearance and can also lay dormant in the animal. You wouldn’t know if the fish you are eating is infected with this bacterium or not. This bacterium is likely able to survive the cooking process which poses more health risk in eating the goldfish.

Animals shouldn’t eat goldfish either

So far, we’ve focused on the idea of humans eating goldfish. But what about other pets, such as cats? Or wild birds?

Well the answer here is very similar. Yes, a cat could eat a goldfish, but you absolutely shouldn’t let them.

Sure a cat might be less fussy about taste, but there are lots of other healthier and cheaper options than goldfish! If you have a cat, make sure to get a secure lid for your aquarium and keep your goldfish out of harms way.

Likewise, if you keep your goldfish in a pond, you’ll need to protect them from wild animals. Covering the pond with netting is one way to do this.

Summary: Goldfish are edible, but don’t eat them!

Technically speaking, it is of course possible to eat goldfish. However, it is certainly not recommended.

Goldfish are related to carp and can take on a “muddy” taste if prepared incorrectly. They are a very bony fish and take a long time and a skilled hand to debone appropriately.

Goldfish are also very small so the amount of time to properly debone and cook a goldfish would not yield enough meat for it to have been worth it.

So why would you bother? Let’s continue to enjoy these fascinating creatures as lovely pets to keep in a pond or home aquarium. Goldfish should never be viewed as a snack!

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