Comet Goldfish


Comet goldfishThe comet goldfish is the only breed of goldfish that was developed in America. First bred and introduced into the commercial aquarium market in the late 1800s, the comet gets its name due to its long, flowing tail fins that give it the appearance of a comet burning a trail through the sky.

The comet goldfish is very similar to the common goldfish, and the two are often confused. The difference is that the comet goldfish has a longer body and longer, flowing fins.

Comet goldfish are usually reddish-orange in color but also come in red, orange, yellow, white and bi-color varieties like the Sarasa Comet, which is a red and white bi-color variety.

Comet goldfish temperament and care

Comet goldfish, like their common goldfish cousins, are a very hardy variety of goldfish and are excellent for the novice aquarist.

The comet requires no exceptional care and can survive in the same conditions that host common goldfish. Like the common goldfish, comets can grow to a length of up to thirteen inches and can live for decades. But as with the common goldfish, such lengths and long lifespans can only be expected given adequate space. Due to their hardy nature, comets make excellent pond fish and are usually a feature of koi ponds. As with the common goldfish, the comet should not be kept with slower, double tailed goldfish varieties, as they are strong swimmers that are able to out-compete their slower cousins for food.

Feeding comet goldfish is by no means a complicated task as they will eat almost anything and everything that they can fit in their mouths. Comets, like all goldfish are omnivores and can be fed regularly on a diet of flakes or pellets available at pet stores. The comet goldfish diet can also be supplemented with pieces of cucumber, zucchini, broccoli, shelled peas and clippings from certain aquatic plants.

Breeding comet goldfish

The comet goldfish is as prolific a breeder as the common goldfish, and given adequate space and plant cover can quickly populate an outdoor pond. Comet goldfish can be bred in the same way as common goldfish.

Choosing comet goldfish

As with the common goldfish, all fins of a comet goldfish should be single except the pectoral and pelvic fins. The tail fin should be long and ideally more than ¾ of the length of the body. All of the comet’s fins should be pointed and erect without any folds or overlapping.

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  • Weishi Ferd

    Can a comet goldfish grow to a large size, like the other, as well then? I mean it says that they are great for koi ponds, but that doesn’t mean that they grow very large. :(

    • Kate M Hoogendoorn

      They can grow up to 13 inches!!!!!