Do Goldfish Really Have a 3 Second Memory? The Truth Behind the Myth

Cartoon of a goldfish with a thought bubble showing it struggling to remember where it left its keys

MYTH: Goldfish memory spans are just three seconds long FACT: Goldfish can remember things for months! Most goldfish keepers will have heard the “fact” that goldfish memory spans are just three seconds long – but is it true? Is the memory of goldfish really that short? The answer is a very definite no! Scientists have proven … Read more

Banana plant

Banana plant

The Banana Plant (Nymphoides aquatica) gets its name from its banana-shaped roots, which are generally visible on the substrate of the tank and are enlarged in order to allow the plant to store nutrients. The leaves of the Banana Plant are rounded and placed at the top of long stems, and are usually a light … Read more

Anacharis plants

Anacharis plant

Anacharis, which is sometimes known as Brazilian Water Weed, is one of the best plants to choose to help to oxygenate your goldfish tank. Anacharis originated in South America, but now grows prolifically in North America, Europe and many other regions of the world too. It is at home in the wild in ponds, lakes and … Read more

Vallisneria Spiralis plants

Vallisneria Spiralis (aka Eel Grass or Tape Grass) is one of the many species of aquatic Vallisneria plant, and the one that is most perfectly suited to keeping with goldfish. It grows in the wild in hotter climates such as South America, in stream, rivers and lakes. It has long been a popular plant in … Read more

Do Goldfish Sleep? How, when and how can you tell?

Cartoon of a goldfish sleeping with its eyes open

Goldfish do sleep, but not in the same way people do. Goldfish sleep is more like resting.

Like people, goldfish tend to sleep at night time, when it’s dark. Watch your fish at night and you might notice them hovering in one spot, only moving slightly to keep themselves stable in the water.

This behaviour tells you that your goldfish is sleeping.

The hovering spot will usually be somewhere near aquarium decorations and lower down in the tank.

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